Audiovisual Seminars on Videographic Criticism 
May 2020

Two audiovisual seminar-tutorials made for the third year bachelor course "Videographic Criticism" at the University of Groningen. The first audiovisual seminar-tutorial, "Visualizing and Representing Concepts, Ideas, and Notions", explores ways of audiovisually representing concepts. The second tutorial-seminar, "Making it Stranger than Strange", elucidates the radical research method of "deformative criticism".

University of Groningen's Film Archive and Media Archaeology Lab: Eiki RM-II Demonstration Video
December 2017

A tutorial explaining how to hook up film onto an EIKI-RM 2 projector. Made for the University of Groningen's Film Archive & Media Archaeology Lab. 

Audiovisual and Instructive Tutorials for ViacomCBS' Channel Operations Department
July 2019 - December 2020

Produced, created, and edited various audiovisual tutorials with regards to the scheduling operations to increase the efficiency of the training process. 


(Videos cannot be posted due to confidentiality concerns)