I am not strictly a filmmaker nor an academic. I am somewhere in between. My work and mission lie within this interstitial space. I produce and create audiovisual works, such as audiovisual essays, that are meant to transform, enlighten, and impact audiences. They are meant to stimulate intellectual growth; to make abstract thought concrete. 

I am eager to create audiovisual works that cater to intellectuals, educators, researchers, and academics in order to ease the knowledge dissemination and propagation process. What better way to do so than the beloved universal language of the audiovisual. 

What does the audiovisual language offer compared to the text? Can it aid in concretizing abstract ideas and conceptualizations? See the audiovisual manifesto to know more!  

Additionally, I am highly willing to aid academics within the Humanities to make their knowledge more accessible to the general public. 

Please contact me if you would like me to create an audiovisual essay for your research