In Jason Mittell's words, Deformative Criticism aims "to make the original work strange in some unexpected way, deforming it unconventionally to reveal its structure and discover something new from it".

Slavoj Žižek has Corona
May 2018

A pervert's guide to Žižek. A short compilation of his tics. 

May 2018

Disclosing the functionings of the cinema projector. It showcases how a film played in 12 frames per second (fps) would play. However, since normal projectors play films in 24 fps, it is too fast for our eyes to notice the black slate that reappears between every frame.

Draw me Like one of your French Girls
May 2018

The video removes the ordinary dialogue from the "Draw me like one of your French Girls" scene from "Titanic", and places an automated text-to-speech voice instead.