What am I? 

I am a bunch of molecules that form a homogenous mass. No, there is more to it. I can think and create. I am not just a piece of hairy mass that roams across this world. 

I have an identity. Many in fact. If you were to put dots on all my places of cultural belonging and connect the dots, even the cleverest statistical shape analysts won't be able to define the shape they form. Because, after all, I possess an identity that is hard to define and place. My dots will forever increase and will obfuscate my shape. 

On a less pseudo-philosophical note, I have a passion for education, research, and the audiovisual image. What better way to concretize my interests than creating audiovisual essays? Syncretizing these elements mainly comes from my actual hybrid identity, where I am able to merge perspectives to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

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