Simply put, an audiovisual essay is an essay that is outputted through the audiovisual medium. It uses the medium's affordances to disseminate and transfer knowledge for educational, academic, and scholarly ends. See my masterclass for more.

The Transformational Potential of Atom Egoyan’s "Ararat"
December 2020 

Using Atom Egoyan's Ararat (2002), this audiovisual essay demonstrates the power and relevance of self-reflexivity and metacinematic techniques, particularly the mise en abyme, in Egoyan's film and within the Armenian diasporic context. Furthermore, it briefly explores how metacinematic techniques function in the more general field of Diasporic Cinema. Published in Tecmerin.

Subversive Affirmation in Sergei Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible
June 2019 (Under Review)

A less personal audiovisual essay, but one that is very theoretically dense. Join me in the exploration of Sergei Eisenstein's ingenuity in his penultimate film, Ivan the Terrible (1944). The audiovisual essay uncovers the ways the film criticizes the Stalinist Regime through Slavoj Žižek's concept of "subversive affirmation". 

Let's Cult!: "Repo Man's" Plate o' Shrimp Logic
January 2020

Audiovisual essay about the shrimpy and culty logic of Alex Cox's "Repo Man". "Let's Cult!: 'Repo Man's' Plate o' Shrimp Logic" puts the cult in cultability to showcase how an audiovisual essay itself can be part of a cult. Why is "Repo Man" a cult film? What fuels this aforementioned cult? Co-created with Dr. Miklós Kiss for Critics Choice VI at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020. Chosen as one of the best audiovisual essays of the year by BFI

Marxism in Metropolis
November 2018

An audiovisual essay that closely dissects the Moloch scene in Fritz Lang's Metropolis from a Marxist perspective. Published in the Autumn 2018 issue of Necsus. Co-produced with Greta Calaciura. 

Synaesthesia in F.W. Murnau's Films
June 2018

An exploration of the film phenomenological concept of synesthesia in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's silent works. The audiovisual essay first introduces the concept, then moves on to demonstrate how Murnau uses certain filmic techniques to evoke the presence of sound in his silent films. Co-created with Diego Casas and Panos Achtsioglou. 

Diasporas, (Armenian) Diasporic Cinema, and their Intersections
August 2019-April 2020

As an Armenian diasporian myself, I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings about diasporas, diasporic cinema, and Armenian diasporic cinema to the world. I aim to bring these discourses into the sphere of the general public as we can all take important ideas that are applicable to our lives from them. I invite you to take the intense, yet transcendental journey that this series creates.